Updated 2/8/04

February Practice Schedule

Sun, Feb 18:45a-9:50agame slot (Clinton)
Wed, Feb 46-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Thu, Feb 56:00-6:50pSquirt 1
Sun, Feb 88:45a-9:50agame slot
Mon, Feb 97-7:50pSquirt 1
Wed, Feb 116-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Fri, Feb 13-Sun, Feb 15 Pre-Sectionals-Rome
Tue, Feb 176-6:50pSquirt 1
Thu, Feb 197-7:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Sun, Feb 228:45a-9:50agame slot
Mon, Feb 237-7:50pSquirt 1
Tue, Feb 247-7:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Sat, Feb 28-Sun, Feb 29 Sectionals-Rome

January Practice Schedule

Fri, Jan 2-Sun, Jan 4 Clinton Travel Tournament
Sun, Jan 48:45-9:50agame slot
Mon, Jan 57-7:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Thu, Jan 86-6:50pSquirt 1
Wed, Jan 146-6:50pSquirt 1
Fri, Jan 166-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Sun, Jan 188:45-9:50agame slot
Wed, Jan 216-6:50pSquirt 1
Thu, Jan 226-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Sun, Jan 258:45-9:50agame slot
Mon, Jan 267-7:50pSquirt 1
Wed, Jan 287-7:50pSquirt 1

December Practice Schedule

Mon, Dec 17-7:50pSquirt 1
Fri, Dec 56-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Sun, Dec 79-10:30agame slot (New Hartford)
Tue, Dec 97-7:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Wed, Dec 106-6:50pSquirt 1
Fri, Dec 12-Sun, Dec 14 Whitestown Travel Tournament
Wed, Dec 176-6:50pSquirt 1
Fri, Dec 196-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Sun, Dec 219-10:30agame slot (Valley)
Wed, Dec 306-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2

November Practice Schedule

Sun, Nov 29-10:20agame slot (Ithaca)
Tue, Nov 46-7:20pSquirt 1 and 2
Fri, Nov 76-6:50pSquirt 1
Sun, Nov 99-10:20agame slot (Bethlehem)
Mon, Nov 107-7:50pSquirt 1
Wed, Nov 126-7:20pSquirt 1 and 2
Sun, Nov 169-10:20agame slot (New Hartford)
Wed, Nov 196-6:50pSquirt 1 and 2
Fri, Nov 217-7:50pSquirt 1
Sun, Nov 239-10:20agame slot (Binghamton)
Mon, Nov 247-7:50pSquirt 1

October Practice Schedule

Tue, Oct 76pSquirt 1
Fri, Oct 107pSquirt 1
Sun, Oct 129-10:20agame slot (Albany)
Wed, Oct 156pSquirt 1
Thu, Oct 166pSquirt 1 and 2
Sun, Oct 199-10:20agame slot (Elmira)
Tue, Oct 216pSquirt 1
Fri, Oct 247pSquirt 1
Sun, Oct 269-10:20agame slot (Rome)
Mon, Oct 276pSquirt 1
Wed, Oct 296pSquirt 1 and 2